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Celebrating Moms this March with Mimi+Martha

There's a lot going on this month celebrating all things womanhood and motherhood, with International Women's Day on 8th March and Mother's Day on the 14th March. And so, we've rounded up some thoughts on mothers, mothering and some gifts and homewares from the collection that we love for moms of all ages/vibes/homes. Martha: Mimi+Martha crept up on us last year and was surely the Universe giving us a push in the right direction. Here we are now, me and my mother, both of us mothers, running a business together. It's funny how these things come about but it is easy to work alongside your best friend! Mostly! I think we both know that what we have going on may be...

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A Greener Kitchen with MIMI+MARTHA

With all that's going on these days and more time at home, our kitchens are busier than ever. With that in mind, we've rounded up some thoughts on how to move towards a more Planet friendly kitchen with some tips and ideas from our range and beyond.   Coffee of Queens. Swap out a few of those takeaway coffees and treat yourself to a home coffee routine to rival any barista offering. The move away from single use coffee cups can really add up, especially if you’re having a coffee every day. It can really save a few bob too! Finding a little private moment before the pace picks up in the morning to relish the sacred ritual of making a home...

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A Very Sustainable Christmas with MIMI+MARTHA

Christmas is flying in fast and it's hard not to get caught up in the haze of panic shopping and impulse buying. We're doing our best to stay on track this Christmas and we've rounded up some small, easy tips and tricks for you to avoid the waste and still have a ball this year - we all most certainly deserve it after the curveball of a year just gone.  Support your Local Designers: This may go without saying, but we are a right ole talented bunch here on the island of Ireland and we hope our shop has made it easier to shop with our local makers, designers, artists and small businesses this Christmas. Challenge yourself, your family or...

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Bits & Bobs for Back to School

September has arrived and with it we've taken a look back at a summer to remember, and look forward towards the latter part of a 2020 we couldn't have dreamed up.  Back to School Day 1: This morning, as I followed along after my small human on a scooter, a bit bleary eyed with my home brewed coffee in hand, Mimi and I sent each other photos of the kids from both our houses heading off to school after the longest break the schools have had in either of our memory. The time off has been a challenge, an opportunity, a break, a crossroads, an unexpected stop sign for us all.  Back to School Day 2:  Today I felt less ever so...

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It's official, we are a business! Welcome to MIMI+MARTHA

It's official! We are a business! We are so happy to have you here, on our site where we hope to chat and dream, to admire and create. We are two women, two moms, mother and daughter, best of friends, here to celebrate the big and the small moments in life in this space we have created.

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