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Bits & Bobs for Back to School

September has arrived and with it we've taken a look back at a summer to remember, and look forward towards the latter part of a 2020 we couldn't have dreamed up.  Back to School Day 1: This morning, as I followed along after my small human on a scooter, a bit bleary eyed with my home brewed coffee in hand, Mimi and I sent each other photos of the kids from both our houses heading off to school after the longest break the schools have had in either of our memory. The time off has been a challenge, an opportunity, a break, a crossroads, an unexpected stop sign for us all.  Back to School Day 2:  Today I felt less ever so...

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It's official, we are a business! Welcome to MIMI+MARTHA

It's official! We are a business! We are so happy to have you here, on our site where we hope to chat and dream, to admire and create. We are two women, two moms, mother and daughter, best of friends, here to celebrate the big and the small moments in life in this space we have created.

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