Ballyshane create beautiful wooden pieces, handcrafted using locally sourced Irish Hardwoods.

Ballyshane was created by William McHutcheon and Cheryl Stanley and is set in the beautiful surrounds of Duckett’s Grove Estate. William has been woodturning for over 15 years and along with Cheryl they have a massive passion for wood and Irish design.

William’s father always harboured a passion for woodturning, coming from two generations of master craftsmen. Together, they’d spend hours discussing the merits of different techniques and types of wood. Using these cherished memories, William and Cheryl created Ballyshane.

William and Cheryl’s home in Ballyshane has provided much of the inspiration for their work. Their gorgeous cottage, surrounded by beautiful forestry is filled with the most incredible large bowls, boards and vessels all produced by William. Woodturning has always been a burning passion for William and he has spent the last 14 years honing his craft, working with some of Ireland’s leading companies along the way.

One can’t help but be immediately drawn to the objects Ballyshane makes, the incredible craftsmanship, and obvious love for the material.

At Mimi+Martha, we are thrilled to be working with Ballyshane, and our homes feature several of the gorgeous boards like the Coppenagh, Ballyshane, and the Grange board - we use them for everything from just looking good, to food presentation!