A Little Idea

A Little Idea is created by Ali, a designer and maker based in Dublin.

Ali creates fun and colourful accessories, gifts and stationery. She makes laser cut acrylic jewellery, buttons, teacup jewellery, handmade greeting cards and retro headbands and hair accessories.

Her designs are inspired by decades past, full of colour, lightweight and fun to wear.

Conscious of sustainably sourced materials, Ali says: I source all my fabrics from Independent Irish and UK fabric
stores. I also use vintage fabrics that I have collected for years. My
jewellery is made from acrylic and brass. The brass is cut down from
large recycled industrial sheets, which are otherwise discarded due to
their imperfections. The acrylic, although is a plastic, comes from a
factory in Germany that are very specific about their environmental
practises. They use less water in their practice, acrylic is a light weight
material to ship and their carbon footprint is lower because of this. I
laser cut each sheet , designing it to fit cuts into each space of the
sheet, including the tiniest space which gets used for smaller cuts.

At Mimi+Martha, we adore Ali's designs for their aesthetic, their reference to 80's Pop Culture, and for their focus on sustainability,  ticking all our boxes!