Glint Glass Studio

Sustainable, ethical and Irish made, Glint Glass Studio is a fully equipped cold working studio in the heart of Dublin city.

Glint work with local businesses to utilise their waste glass, harvesting glass that would be destined for recycling or landfill. Pubs, restaurants, wine merchants and clubs save their bottles for Glint so they have a regular supply of similar shapes and colours.

All of Glint's machinery runs on electricity, which they use carefully. Switching on what is needed only when they need it. All Glint's machines require water to help keep the glass cool while they work on it. Glint reuse all their grey water which they harvest in buckets, and recycle 90% of the waste in production.

As well as the inspirational, earth friendly and sustainable practices employed by Glint, the products created are simply stunning. Mimi+Martha both love the glass products and use them for everything in their homes. They also make amazing gifts!

By simply buying one glass, you will have helped the environment, saved fossil fuel, provided employment and helped people learn to make glass.