Bits & Bobs for Back to School

September has arrived and with it we've taken a look back at a summer to remember, and look forward towards the latter part of a 2020 we couldn't have dreamed up. 

Back to School Day 1:

This morning, as I followed along after my small human on a scooter, a bit bleary eyed with my home brewed coffee in hand, Mimi and I sent each other photos of the kids from both our houses heading off to school after the longest break the schools have had in either of our memory.

The time off has been a challenge, an opportunity, a break, a crossroads, an unexpected stop sign for us all.

 Back to School Day 2: 

Today I felt less ever so slightly less enamoured with the idea of getting back to it, as I arrived back from the school run to a house full of washing and washing up, soaked to the bone from the sudden turn in the weather.

Whatever ‘back to school’ means for you – back to the office, the start of a college year, getting kids out to school, or maybe continuing on with your working from home life – it’s a time to take care of ourselves as we manoeuvre the strangeness of 2020.

With that, we're working on bringing some ease into September, with a few of this bits and bobs.


Staying Safe

    • Facemasks at the school gate is a jarring sight but it’s hopeful to see the parents waving to each other, teachers directing the morning traffic of students and the excitement of the kids being reunited (and looking so grown up)! I’ve found the We Make Good mask is fab for kids as there’s not sore ears or falling off, with an over the head elastic, and we love the KG Designs mask for ourselves - such beautiful material!

    • With all the hand-washing going on and the weather turning a bit this week, having a handwash that feels a little special is giving us the good vibes and bringing some joy to the moment. We are loving the Handmade Soap Co Grapefruit and May Chang, and sure, why not throw in the matching hand cream because we deserve it.

Staying Sane

  • We are suddenly back into juggling routines and schedules and I'm finding it impossible to keep everything in my head. I've been jotting down thoughts, lists and ideas at random but needed to transfer them all into one spot. The badly made books planner is the one for me, I love the bright mint colour, the fact that it quotes an old favourite song of mine - 'and so it goes' - and in theory, I'll never miss a deadline again, right? Yes.


  • No surprises that, with our days getting busier again, our coffee dependancy is alive and well and it just so happens we've started working with the awesome Dublin roastery, Cloud Picker. Lots of great home brewing options  in the store but we're particularly excited for our new pink (!!!!) v60 dripper on which has just gone live on the store. I'm using their Henry blend with a moka pot to make oat flat whites, because I am, in fact, Basic.


Our makers are slowly moving back into the realm of inviting people to create with them and we'd love to highlight just a small selection of what they're up to.

  • Glint Glass have a range of workshops coming up to make your own glass, from cocktail glasses to whiskey glasses - add glassmaker extraordinaire to your CV, anyone?
  • Olannmor have some amazing DIY kits that would gain you a stunning statement piece for your home AND bragging rights about your crafty abilities. Keep an eye out for their workshops as well!
  • Cloud Picker have created an oasis of tasty coffee and delicious treats, having launched two genius collaborations. On Wednesdays & Saturdays, pop in for pastries the likes of which we've never seen before from the fantastic Medialuna Croissanterie and on Tuesdays & Thursdays, Pastry Chef of the Year, Aoife Noonan is making cakes right before your eyes. If you're in Dublin, you know what to do.
  • We have booked a few nights in the New Year to go visit one of our favourite places on earth - Achill Island - and while we're there we'll most definitely be paying a visit to the amazing guys at Achill Island Sea Salt. Their salt may just change your life (or your seasoning). You can go drop in to their visitor centre and see how the salt is made and even have a taste!

Image of DIY blanket kits

We hope September is off to a great start for you all, 




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