It is sometimes hard to believe in coincidence, but amazingly, life has a way of bringing like-minded people together for good reason.  Sarah, Anthony & Brian, are three running buddies, all members of Bilboa Athletic Club, in Co. Limerick. In September of 2018 they attended the National Geographic Symphony for our World performance by the National Symphony Orchestra at its European debut in Limerick. In addition to the glorious animal & marine-life footage which was a feast for the senses, there was also a serious message: Earth is under assault from the actions of man.

The shocking realisation of the damage that we humans are causing to our planet, spurred these guys into action. Conversations were had, research conducted, kettles were boiled and after much deliberation they decided upon their target – the plastic straw. This seemingly harmless piece of plastic which has become a menace to marine-life all over the world. And so was born.

Mimi+Martha are delighted to be working with EcoStraws, and fully support their committment to offering an Earth-friendly alternative to the plastic straw, and love their Pasta, Wheat and Edible Straws! Fun and sustainable - the perfect combination.