About Us


Hello, We are MIMI+MARTHA, a mother/daughter duo bringing together a unique collection of design, inspired by the differences and similarities we’ve found in our own style, lives & experiences. With a background full of music, art, design & culture, we share a passion for creating beautiful homes full of creativity and love. 

Our two unique tastes are woven together by a shared love for exciting craft and design and with this, we saw an opportunity to share our passions and provide a platform for some of the exceptional talents of the design world. 

Thus, MIMI+MARTHA was born, and we began to curate a collection for the home that we are proud to stand behind. Our collection is made up of work by artists we have long admired, exceptional design from home and abroad - things we are sure will bring joy to the home, without bringing harm to our planet. 

Stepping away from excessive consumption trends, MIMI+MARTHA strives towards a more sustainable, kind way of living, with a simple mission: to bring happiness to their customers through expressive and unique items for home & lifestyle, thoughtfully made and thoughtfully chosen by us, for you. 

Our Mission

To create an expressive platform and a community for our customers which makes design and arts inclusive. 

To inspire moments of “grá” and joy in the home. 

To celebrate design through a thoughtful method of consumption.



A Note on Grá

Grá is the Irish word for love and affection, a word that very much reflects what homeowners want to create in a space. At MIMI+MARTHA, we want to celebrate grá at home through our curated collection of wares. 

A new concept for lifestyle and interior design, grá at home celebrates creators and homemakers who put love and care into the way they live and how they design their products/homes. 

Be it a living space featuring an assortment of lovingly chosen items or a high-quality design crafted by one of our artists that is made to last, grá at home is a concept that creates living spaces filled with stories and personality from items to be cherished. 

Be it grá for the home, for creating a beautiful item or grá for our planet, the art of practicing grá will ensure that you shape your life with thoughtfully chosen items that make a difference. We at MIMI+MARTHA strive to create our homes with grá and we are so excited to share this new lifestyle concept with our community.