Guadalupe Creations

Gudalupe creates beautiful modern dolls and soft toys that are meant to be kept and passed down, bringing smiles and Gra to those who see them. Tulles, ribbons and embellishments give these stunning designs volume, body and detail that is unique to every creation.

Guadalupe told us: "I have always loved designing and creating pieces that can be loved and appreciated over the years. Many years ago I arrived in Ireland, leaving my hometown of Cordoba, Argentina. I studied fashion and design, and it was only after graduation that I realised I wanted to create unique pieces that I could bring to life with care, love and attention to detail. My daughter has always been the inspiration for my pieces. She takes me to magical realms where I create my dolls, soft toys and bonnets"

Each piece continues to be designed and handcrafted by Guadalupe, with love and care. The process includes machine embroidery, appliqué and hand-sewed details.

Guadalupe creates beautiful pieces that can be treasured and enjoyed by all. We absolutely adore them. The iconic Bouncy Bowie, and Baby Bowie, Frida, and Koka Koala - they are stunning gifts, unique and beautifully made.