The Atlantic Equipment Project

We love the way these beautiful backpacks and satchels made in Ashleigh's studio in Cornwall are made to go on all your adventures; every detail is special and made to last, and they only get more awesome as they get some use. 

Ashleigh says:
This project is about designing and building long-lasting, quality backpacks, satchels and carry equipment. Kit that will serve this community of adventurers and explorers, and the environment that we hold so dear. Designed for men and women who find joy in the exploration of their own coastline, hillside or woodland. Bags made by hand in this special place, by fellow surfers, hikers, bikers and explorers. Our fabrics are selected for their ability to serve our design needs, be they natural fabrics or waterproof fabrics, all are tough and durable. They combine to create simple, beautiful and long lasting equipment.