Badly Made Books

The badly made books studio & workshop has developed since 2015 when product designer & founder Seán O Sullivan wrote & illustrated his first book "other seas". Like a tree falling in the woods and no one being around to hear, a book with no readers doesn't make much of a sound. just before his book fell forgotten back of the couch Seán realised that production & distribution of stories was equally as important as the writing & illustration so he started to make some books... badly at first.

Many badly made books later this attitude of experimentation is still alive and well. We make books and paper products of all shapes, sorts and sizes, having learned that our one core product is infinitely variable and only limited by imagination.

Here at Mimi+Martha, we love Sean's ethos and the gorgeous books, and are delighted to have them in stock. Sean's authentic approach to sustainability and commitment to high quality, low impact production are right up our street! Who doesn't need a journal, planner, notebook or sketchpad in their life? Especially when they look this good.