Soilse Candles

Soilse is the Irish for Light, it evokes a sense of comfort, of home, of Gra.

All of Soilse's candles are made from 100% soy wax, infused with essential oil based fragrances, evoking the unique and captivating fragrances of the Irish Landscape.

Karen of the Soilse Candle Company, started making candles in her kitchen in 2013 when she returned to Ireland after 12 years working as a fashion designer in NY. Eventually Karen progressed to farmers markets and officially launched the collection at Showcase in 2014. Karen was drawn to creating handmade Irish gifts inspired by the wild and wonders of Ireland. In 2017 Karen launched the Apothecary collection which is sustainable and reusable - we LOVE it. The scents are natural, fresh and reminiscent of life in Ireland and childhood memories - Rain, Turf, Strand, Soft Day, Forest, Wildflower - all evoking memories and recollections of life in Ireland.