Shannon Bergin Illustration

Shannon grew up wandering around the countryside wielding a drawing instrument and making up stories. As an adult she basically does the same thing but sometimes gets paid for it. Upon graduating from her degree in animation in 2018 she decided to move to a probably haunted house in a forest to be an illustrator.


Shannon says:

It’s been two years now and over that time I have been making art almost every single day. My studio is filled with books for inspiration and of course an assortment of pens, inks, watercolour and whatever else can be used to create an image to tell a story. A typical day involves many cups of tea, caring for plants, trying to befriend wild cats and making art while listening to audiobooks and podcasts.

Over the past two years I have been lucky enough to work on amazing projects, exhibitions and commissions that are always colourful and fun, filled with memories and magic. I have also been working on picture books. My first book was created for a solo exhibition I was asked to do while the others won’t be released for a while yet. Inspired by stories passed on by my grandparents, or books and movies that I have long obsessed over or maybe just a walk through a forest, every piece I make is a new adventure that I love to share with the world.

We think that every single illustration by Shannon launches you straight into a story that is both familiar and magical all at once and we are honoured to share these gorgeous designs with you on Mimi+Martha.