Bean and Goose

Bean and Goose chocolate is made using the complex and rich flavours of single origin chocolate paired with flavours and ingredients that reflect and celebrate the Irish seasons. Bean and Goose have a passion for using seasonal, natural ingredients and it makes sense to use what can grow in our gardens and can be foraged locally. We are surrounded by countryside heavy with elderflower, lovage, gorse, and blackberries. Bean and Goose are inspired by herb gardens full of lavender, mint, bay, fennel, rosemary and thyme and have summer fruits and orchard trees growing nearby. Finally they have the pleasure of using edible flowers such as violas, marigolds, borage and scented roses. Our surroundings are their inspiration.

Mimi+Martha are thrilled to bring Bean and Goose to our customers, especially as Bean and Goose source the finest beans, supporting sustainable living and fair trade, as well as a one bar one tree policy, preserving rainforests, the cocoa bean and our climate! Sustainability, coupled with collaborations with fine Irish food producers make this product a really perfect indulgence.