Danu Ceramics

Ruth Power is an artist, designer, maker and travel lover who graduated from the National College of Art and Design in 2011, and set up DANU ceramics in 2015. She designs and creates every piece specialising in handcrafted, designer ceramic homewares made in Dublin, Ireland.

Danu was the ancient Celtic Goddess of earth and creativity and the Hindi Goddess of water - 3 elements which are fundamental to the creation of ceramics. 

Danu designs combine organic yet refined and contemporary aesthetics that display well in both urban and rustic settings. Inspired by travels, nature, wanderlust, antiquated trade routes and the country of Ireland, each piece is one of a kind. 

Each piece is a handcrafted beauty and these ceramic dishes and fine jewellery are stunning additions to your home to be treasured, worn and used for precious items.