LAINEYK is a world of feel good, Irish made Greeting Cards & Prints.

We are long term admirers of LAINEYK, the fun and positive vibes really connect with our values, as well as the commitment to protecting the environment and using sustainable raw materials.

Here's what LAINEYK told us: Each piece is imagined, designed and created in Ireland, Lainey, with love & laughter at the core. I strive to produce ‘beyond ordinary’ Greeting Cards and Wall Art, for the clever, discerning customer.

DESIGNED TO GIVE YOU A FEEL-GOOD FACTOR EVERYTIME YOU SEE THEM: I am passionate about producing unique and contemporary designs – designed to give you a little giggle and a definite ‘feel good factor’ every time you see them, leaving you excited to share the experience and dying to come back for more.

PROCESS: My range of greeting cards & wall art contain a mix of stand out typography and creative design features, each with a contemporary feel – packed with a mix of wit, inspiration, happiness and fun. Every design starts off with an illustration on paper, which is followed by a transformation of my illustrations digitally, fusing both traditional and present-day processes.