Punch + Fable

Artist, designer and maker Steph Sheahan creates colourful and graphic
artwork and handmade jewellery from her cottage studio in the Limerick countryside. Her
intention is to live and inspire a colourful, connected, embodied and creative life. She tells stories of her life experiences and inspiration through poetry, painting, colour, graphic symbolism and making. Colour and feeling are hugely important in her work.
Over the years, Steph has developed a much more hands-on, intentional and varied way of working which now include jewellery making, painting, writing, cooking (Rituals of Plate), teaching yoga (Make Space Yoga), design consultancy (Punctuate), and running retreats and creative workshops.
Steph finds inspiration everywhere: through memories, travel, nature, the body, food and
motherhood. She likes to make tangible things from her ideas and experiences. Her work crosses many disciplines; a poem she writes may inspire a painting, and this in turn may inspire a pair of and made earrings. Or a drawing may inspire a painted muraI and this may end up being a limited edition artwork. She has recently started thinking of her ‘studio’ as four locations: the art/design studio upstairs in our loft, the yoga studio, the kitchen and the garden. She needs to spend time in all these spaces for her creative process to flow and to feel grounded and inspired.
For Steph, just as in nature, she thrives with diversity and connection - and the cross-pollination of ideas and creative practices.