A Very Sustainable Christmas with MIMI+MARTHA

Christmas is flying in fast and it's hard not to get caught up in the haze of panic shopping and impulse buying. We're doing our best to stay on track this Christmas and we've rounded up some small, easy tips and tricks for you to avoid the waste and still have a ball this year - we all most certainly deserve it after the curveball of a year just gone. 

  • Support your Local Designers: This may go without saying, but we are a right ole talented bunch here on the island of Ireland and we hope our shop has made it easier to shop with our local makers, designers, artists and small businesses this Christmas. Challenge yourself, your family or your Secret Santa crew to avoid the big corporates this year and see the quality gems roll in. We bet you will be so impressed with the choice right on our doorstep.

  • One Person's Trash is Another Person's Treasure: There are SO many treasures to be found in the world of reclaimed and repurposed materials which would make inspired and totally unique gifts for even the most difficult candidate. We are truly in awe of the artistry and beauty that comes from using repurposed materials - waste glass to create quality glassware in the collection by Glint Glass, repurposed industrial materials turned into beautiful homewares such as the Kopper Kreation collection, and eye pillows made of scrap materials and lavender, like those by Made Obvious. No waste here, thanks very much!


  • Does it inspire Grá?: We are always looking for hacks to shop more sustainably and we’re taking a leaf out of Marie Condo’s book with each gift we consider. Ask yourself, will it bring grá to the home? Can you picture this being loved and held onto for years to come? Or truly relished and enjoyed? Dare we say, a forever item?! If yes, onwards you go. Look for quality over quantity and items that really speak to you as special and unique.

  • Stay Safe and Sustainable : While it’s not always possible for people to have reusable masks, Christmas may be a good time to invest or to gift masks which bring a little joy to this new way of living. There are so many beautiful, handmade and ethically produced masks available, like KG Designs masks which are made from ethically sourced traditional kitenge fabrics from East Africa, to the We Make Good initiative which employs people living in Direct Provision, to Irish linen masks which are made here in Ireland by Enrich & Endure. 

  • Virtual Gift Cards: There’s always one person who defies the rules of gift-giving, the one who has it all or wants nothing. Most times we end up taking a wild guess at a gift option in a state of complete panic on the 24th December. Look no further than a virtual gift card. As it’s not always possible to get instore at the moment, this is a fabulous alternative. Virtual gift cards are available at Mimi+Martha here.

  • Make a Swap: This Christmas is a great time to make some eco friendly (and money saving!) swaps for the holiday season. Maybe you could wrap this years leftovers with reusable beeswax wraps like Millbee Wraps, instead of clingfilm or tinfoil, or perhaps you could gift some sustainable swaps to friends like a gorgeous reusable cutlery set, some plastic free soaps or a reusable water bottle. WFH lunch level-up!

  • Making a List, Checking it Twice: How many times have we all braced ourselves for the disappointment and awkwardness of an unwanted gift? Now we all love a good list and this year, we’re making a list of the things we really would love, things we need and most importantly, a list of the local and independent businesses and designers we’d like to support. Maybe this year’s Secret Santa can have an Earth-kind theme, supporting local talent? Share your list with your in-laws, share it with your other half, share it with your granny and save yourself the novelty mug.
  • Plant a Tree: Sometimes there is no perfect answer and for that, carbon offset can be part of the solution. East Coast Tree Project is a fantastic new initiative to plant native Irish trees and restore Irish biodiversity. The project offers memberships in a few different price brackets and we think this would be an awesome alternative to a gift this year! This is especially good if you’re planning to have a real Christmas Tree - you’ll be planting more native trees in its place! We’ve pledged to offset Mimi+Martha’s carbon and also plant a native Irish Tree for every 5 orders placed with us.

  • Learn the Journey: Read up about your purchases before you invest and see where it’s come from, what it’s made of and who has made it! Not only does this mean you can pass on the journey of your gift to the person receiving it, which makes it really special and meaningful for both the gift-giver and recipient, it also means you can avoid any funny business that doesn’t quite sit right with you. 

  • Ditch the Packaging (or make it an eco choice!): Christmas can easily end up as a dumping ground of plastic packaging, wrapping paper and food waste. This year, spare someone the job of having to dispose of all that damaging packaging by avoiding it in your own gifting. Wrap with leftover scraps of materials, a nice scarf, some gift tea towels perhaps? Deliver food gifts in reusable tins or beeswax wraps! If you feel the urge to use wrapping paper, try grab some brown paper and some biodegradable brown tape - these make for a gorgeous wrap with some holly or winter foliage to decorate. You can read a little about our sustainable packaging over on our site before you buy!


    We wish you all a fabulous festive season and see you all virtually in 2021!

    - Mimi+Martha

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