Yewfort Crafts

Jane's story to becoming a ceramicist is an inspirational one of design, nature, grá for home, passion and determination - we can relate on so many levels and we are so happy to add Jane's stunning Yewfort Craft pieces to the Mimi+Martha collection.

Jane told us: On returning to Ireland from California , I settled once again in my native Limerick. With a huge push and support from my friends and family I started Yewfort Crafts. I turned my love for ceramics into the fun business I have today.


I feel very lucky to live in an 19th century house surrounded by mature trees. Our home is in perpetual restoration, which allowed me to claim one of our unfinished rooms as my ceramics studio. Making my commute to work extremely short.


I hand build and throw on a potter’s wheel using both stoneware and porcelain clay.  Pieces take between 2 days and 2 weeks to dry depending on their thickness and detail.  They are then Bisque fired at 1000 ℃, glazed and high fired again at 1230℃. . Making ceramics is a very unpredictable process, because of the nature of materials they may crack or blister at any stage… which makes opening the Kiln a real exciting moment !


I am constantly adding new products and colours to my collection keeping it fresh and new. I enjoy putting as much fun into my pieces as possible and get great pleasure out of seeing the smile on people’s faces when they see my products for the first time!