Shock Of Grey

We are so proud to bring you, our lovely Customers, the incredible talents of Sarah, from Shock Of Grey.

Sarah's work is stunning, and our collection of Jewellery contains some of our favourites from her beautiful portfolio.

All of Shock Of Grey items are sustainably made in Sarah's Artisan studio.

These are true pieces of art - Wearable Art - so stylish and also statement pieces. We can't wait to hear how much you love them! 

Here's what Sarah told us about her journey to creating Shock Of Grey:

Hi! I’m, Sarah Carroll Kelly and my company is Shock of Grey. I make bold, unique, handcrafted statement jewellery from unpredictable materials, such as wood, brass, plastic, silicone and clay. Wherever possible these are sustainably sourced, and finished jewellery makes its way to you in recyclable packaging.

When I say hand-made, I really mean it. I create and sell items on an individual basis: every piece you see on the site is precisely the piece you are buying - and nobody else will ever own another one quite the same. All pieces are handmade in Dublin.

A Little Bit About Me

After getting a First Class degree in Sculpture I discovered there wasn’t a huge amount of demand for people chipping away at marble with a chisel, so I worked as an artist, designer and musician for over 20 years, while doing a Masters and lecturing in Design. After the grey hair incident, Shock of Grey happened.

I am  a member of DCCI (The Design & Crafts Council of Ireland) & Women in Business Network and Atelier 27 @ Om Diva.

I live in Dublin 8 with my husband, 2 sons and 2 cats, not necessarily in that order.