It's official, we are a business! Welcome to MIMI+MARTHA


It's official! We are a business!

We are so happy to have you here, on our site where we hope to chat and dream, to admire and create. We are two women, two moms, mother and daughter, best of friends, here to celebrate the big and the small moments in life in this space we have created.

We came together over morning Facetimes and coffee runs, calls on the way to work, brainwaves late at night and lightbulb moments in the park with our kids. Over the weeks and months to follow, it became clear that Mimi + Martha would be more than a store. We realised that our brand would be a way of life, a community of makers and customers, a move towards a kinder way of consuming. 

A little bit about us…

Mimi has gathered a reputation for hosting family gatherings full of delicious food, for planning adventures and for her eye for lovely things – you’ll find lots of our products dotted through her beautiful and welcoming home. The house is always alive with any of the five kids, one grandkid and Ted, the dog going about their day (and asking to be fed!). From a corporate career to interior design to Montessori teaching, Mimi has a knack for learning and exploring; a perfect curious mind for the design world, for the processes, stories and people behind the products.

Martha has spent many years gallivanting as a professional opera singer, and so, her love of design always roams into the world of the fantasy, quirky or ironic. Her life as a freelance performer has given her a deep respect for the process and the dedication of the makers and designers who have been cooking up all the beautiful items that we’ve gathered together for our store. She loves the vibrant culture and community of Dublin city but never stays too long away from the inspiration of nature and the outdoors. 

From our two homes across the country, we stir together a melting pot of busy cities and peaceful wilderness, of traditional and new, of story-telling and discovery. We will see you here for many more musings, from our homes to yours. 

We’d love to hear from you - connect with us on Instagram and Facebook and sign up to our newsletter for updates on the world of Mimi + Martha. We’ll be sharing lots of exciting new products, stories and exciting plans over the next few weeks as well as checking in with our lovely makers and designers.


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