Black + Blum

Black + Blum design their products with re-use and sustainability in mind, ensuring that they have a long life using eco-friendly materials where possible. 

With rigorous attention to detail and a focus on sustainability, they design original products that inspire a sense of well-being.

We are thrilled to introduce the stunning Black + Blum glass lunchboxes to our collection. These lunch pots are just stunning and brilliantly designed.

From the makers of Black + Blum: "We wanted to create a glass lunch box that was better than others on the market. Previous to our design, other glass lunch boxes were not fully leakproof and too heavy to be used on-the-go. It took us nearly three years to develop this design and there were many different iterations along the way. Taking advantage of the light weight and strength of Borosilicate glass, we were able to create a better solution. The design is modern, but has an almost utilitarian retro appeal. Using Stainless Steel and the wood-fibre polymer base to protect the glass, is a lovely combination of materials. The end design is innovative and unique to the market. It offers a durable, functional solution that will age well and is perfect for carrying your food with you and for eating from."