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Sorbos Strawberry Edible Straws


Sorbos Strawberry Edible Straws

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Brought to us by EcoStraws, SORBOS is the first edible, flavoured and 100% sustainable straw on the market. They’re the small detail set to make a big difference to your drinks.

SORBOS are biodegradable, edible, flavoured drinking straws that add differential value to beverages.
They respect the content with no transfer of colour or taste, providing an aromatic component that extends and marries with the content of the beverage. Each unit is individually packaged.
They last for approximately 40 minutes once added to the glass. Ice is the key factor in extending their rigidity (the more ice in the glass, the longer the biodegradable straw will remain intact).
They are best consumed within 2 years, so this is a long-life product that can be used at several events throughout the year. No special conservation or maintenance is required. Simply store in a dry place.
SORBOS biodegradable straws are the alternative to plastic consumption in the straws industry.
All the materials that we use are biodegradable or recyclable.