Olannmor Merino Wool Round Cushion - Mustard


Olannmor Merino Wool Round Cushion - Mustard

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These are a real statement piece. This gorgeous decorative cushion is made from 100% very soft merino wool. It looks really stylish on your sofa, your favourite chair or on your bed. The Mustard colour is contemporary and very beautiful.

These are a perfect focal point in your decor. Sumptuous and luxurious, they are a special addition to your room.

Notes on caring for the wool:

When you have just received your product, you may notice the product is shedding its loose hairs. Don’t worry about this, the shedding will reduce over time. Take your product outside, give it a good shake or even hang it outside on a misty morning.

The un-spun merino wool will start pilling in case of heavy use. Should pilling occur, just carefully pull the little balls off the product or use scissors to cut them off.

Small spills can be cleaned by dabbing with cold water. Make sure not to rub the wool and lie flat to dry.

We strongly recommend not washing your product. Just airing it will freshen it up again. And if necessary, dry clean professionally.