Bambaw Coconut Bowl Polished (2 In Set)
Bambaw Coconut Bowl Polished (2 In Set)


Bambaw Coconut Bowl Polished (2 In Set)

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Add a bit of exotic style to your crockery with this set of 2 Coconut bowls.

Coconut shells are ideal for upcycling because they can be transformed into sturdy, natural coconut bowls. The material is very abundant and compostable.

During the production of coconut oil, the coconut shells are a by-product, and are usually burned openly.

This practice is highly unsustainable because it releases a lot of unnecessary CO2 and methane emissions. Instead, the coconut shell can be made into a useful (and gorgeous) product.

Because the coconut shell bowls are a natural product, they are one in a billion, just like you. The coconut bowls are all unique in size, form and colour. However, all have a diameter of 12 to 15 cm and are 5 to 6 cm high. 

Size: L215mm x D6r