Chilly's Food Pot 300ml Stainless Steel


Chilly's Food Pot 300ml Stainless Steel

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Introducing Chilly’s Food Pots!

New to Mimi+Martha, these are just gorgeous and so useful for food on the go!

With improved insulation, these hold 300ml of your favourite food and come in 4 colours.

Chilly's Food Pots make for more sustainable, money saving and tastier meals on the go.  The 300ml pot will keep your food hot or cold for up to 4 hours, perfect for soups, salads, fruit or hot porridge on a chilly morning commute.

Just prepare your favourite meals as you would at home and your Chilly’s Food Pot will maintain the temperature until you’re ready to enjoy it. (Pre-heat your pot with boiling water before adding hot food).