Create Your Own Reindeer Family
Create Your Own Reindeer Family

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Create Your Own Reindeer Family

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Handcrafted Reindeers! Choose from three sizes to create your very own Reindeer family - what a heart-warming addition to your Christmas decor.

Rudolf sports the lovely red nose as the largest of the Reindeer family.

These gorgeous pieces are designed and hand-crafted in the heart of the Golden Vale in Co. Cork.  Made of the highest quality sustainable hardwoods, they look beautiful are hand finished with a locally sourced, home-made beeswax polish.


Large Reindeer: 22cm

Medium Reindeer: 19cm

Small Reindeer: 13cm

NB: Please note, the Reindeer prices are per individual Reindeer.

Only the large reindeer has a red nose! There's only one Rudolph!