Literary Lip Balms

From Jane Austen's England to Jack London's Yukon; from a mermaid lagoon to an enchanted garden in bloom. Like all great stories, a good scent will surprise and charm you, and the memory of it linger long after you have put it away.

Literary Lip Balms combines books and beauty with a range of eco-friendly skincare. Step into our apothecary of scents and stories and discover the perfect gift for bookworms, writers and poets.

Literary Lip Balms skincare is made with only essential oils, extracts and absolutes. Literary Lip Balms believe that natural scents can trigger emotions and memories in a way nothing else can. Let the heady perfume of the Orient transport you into an Agatha Christie novel, or venture into a winter forest with a waft of peppermint and pine.

Using recyclable and minimal packaging to reduce the environmental impact, everything about this gorgeous brand works for our Collections at Mimi+Martha!

Literary Lip Balms was founded by Vy, whose idea for the business came about in 2015 when she read about perfumes and asked herself, “What would a fairytale smell like?”. And down the rabbit hole she went. And we are so glad she did!

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