Georgina O'Hanlon Luxury Scarves

A graduate of NCAD, Georgina O'Hanlon has worked for several independent accessory brands in London as well as some of the largest international fashion houses in the world.

Georgina was the lead graphic designer for Kildare Village until 2018, and is now consulting as a designer full time for several clients. 

In 2022, Georgina began to work on her eponymous brand created her stunning first collection entitled “My Granny’s Garden”, which explores memories of childhood summers enjoying the West of Ireland with her late mother, Josephine.

Georgina's collections explore a simpler time, exploding with flower and fauna, myths and legends, found and inspired by the rich and wonderful Irish landscape.

This stunning collection of silk scarves are 100% designed in Ireland and then crafted in Italy, by the world's leading experts in silk. 

Georgina's values include sustainability,  eco-friendly production and packaging, and conscious shopping Georgina told us: "Accessories matter. They should last the test of time and ours are designed to last and to be passed down the generations." 
These gorgeous scarves are to be loved and treasured, worn and passed on.