Enrich and Endure

Our stunning range of linen products are handmade in Northern Ireland, under meticulously watchful eye of Sarah and Lorcan Quinn, the brother-sister founding team at Enrich and Endure.

Enrich & Endure was created with the vision of reviving the Linen Industry and is more than just our company name, it's also the pledge these stunning products fulfil.

The ethos is pretty simple- quality materials, longevity, local craftsmanship and top-class design. So no matter how often you wrap it around you, rub your hands down it or put in a hard days graft in it; it just gets better with age.

Our friends at Enrich and Endure have designed these stunning Mimi+Martha linens with us, helping us bring Gra into our homes and kitchens - we hope you love them as much as we do!

Sorry, there are no products in this collection.