Mouse Skirting Board Sticker - Festive Mouse

Kris Miners

Mouse Skirting Board Sticker - Festive Mouse

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Now one of Kris Miner's Halloween mice can become a new resident in your home thanks to this gorgeous and cute new range of skirting board / kicker board stickers!

Each sticker has been lovingly made into a sticker from high resolution scans from some of Kris' original works from story books. The original art was created with watercolours.

ATTENTION: The stickers won't fit all skirting board sizes. But, they can also adhere to the wall (if smooth) above the skirting board if needed. Ideally your skirting/kicker boards needs to be at least 8.5cm (3.34") in height - but bear in mind carpet can take up some room. They also stick to kicker boards around the bases of kitchen units - so most homes will have somewhere for them. The glue is strong, so once they're in place they may cause damage to the paint if being removed later on.