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Colour Your World
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Colour Your World

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We would like to introduce you to this very special project by Mimi+Martha - Colour Your World!
This is not just any old colouring book! It's a celebration of the uniqueness of each and every person - the very uniqueness which brings us all together!  Each page is filled with positivity, diversity and the joy of being different!
The Colour Your World  book is a collection of illustrations by some of Ireland’s leading talents including She Designs, Masa Yan Design, Wall Hello!, Shannon Bergin Illustration and Fat Lemon Prints and YOU! All you need to do is grab the colours and get to work.
We have created this beautiful collection of art alongside Novas, with 20% of sales going directly towards their work with vulnerable children.
Novas is a voluntary organisation working with families and single adults who are disadvantaged and socially excluded; primarily those who are homeless or at risk of being homeless. In 2019, Novas supported over 1,000 children in over 350 families. 
We cannot wait to see how you all create your own versions of this special book!
Pick up a set of Colour Me Crayons to create a beautiful, diverse and inclusive world of your own!