Martha's Picks - September

September is winding down (What? Who messed with the space/time continuum?) Writing to you a few days into the second lockdown for us here in Dublin and I hope that you are all taking care of yourselves the best you can. Enjoy the browse through some of these lovely bits and pieces and thanks for the continued support for us and for all our designers and makers. We'll keep on supporting independent artists here at Mimi+Martha and bringing you a weird and wonderful collection of loveliness. Here are five of my picks for the month!

1. Irish Socksciety That’s Gas socks

I’ve gifted myself a pair of these That's Gas socks and they are super comfy - they feel like a cloud of brushed cotton magic AND I feel like I’m walking around on a little private joke for the day. I’m waiting patiently for them to come back out of the wash so I can wear them again!


2. Ankara Party Hats

 Look at these. Just look at the fabulousness of it all. These are a step up from your every day party hat and you can keep them and use them over and over again. We are in birthday season for our family so I think we’ll be investing in a pack of these beauties made of wax printed cotton from Ghana. Made by the talented Monique from A Slice of Ankara, I can’t wait to add some more of her beautiful homewares to my kitchen. Check the rest of her range out here.

3. Dublin Herbalists Hydrating Face Serum with Argan Oil & Sweet Orange

I’ve been using a selection of different face serums in my night time routine over the past few years but have slightly contrary skin which can react badly every now and then to new products. This one has been a total joy – the smell of orange is glorious and my skin feels soft and plump in the mornings. And it’s vegan! We love to see it! 

4. Gaudalupe Koko Koala

I love love love Gaudi’s work and these dolls are made with such artistry and attention to detail. I won’t even bother with the subtle hints, I’d like someone to gift me one ASAP please. Each one is handmade and made to order and they just feel truly special. Most definitely one to keep forever and made for cuddles and snuggles, not just sitting on the shelf. Keep an eye out for some special magic coming our way from Guadalupe just in time for Christmas!

5. John Hanly 100% Lambswool Scarf 

I’m ready to settle into the Autumn season now, we're back into the school routine and I'm looking forward to making time and space for some autumn hikes/swims/adventures. I’ve gone with this more autumnal palette in the John Hanly scarves and I’ll be pulling out the cosier boots and jackets soon. I love to think of this scarf being made not too far away from my home house, in the woolen mills. Can’t wait to pencil in a visit to check out the mill which is powered by the water turbine from the original mill. Awesome.


This week I'll be trying my best to support local cafes and restaurants in Dublin and where I can giving a bit of support to online independent businesses like ourselves even if it's only a share or a comment or a recommendation to a friend. Keep the faith and thanks for having a read,


Stay safe everyone and mind yourselves in this weird but still wonderful world.