Martha's Picks - August


With two very different tastes, different homes and different lifestyles, we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to share some of our favourite items, with some ideas and insight into the products and the people behind them. As all of our stock has been arriving parcel by parcel, the excitement has been incredible. Our little collection has been growing and I already love this job of choosing my picks of the week to share with you.

Here are some things that have been bringing major joy to my week this week!



1. The Atlantic Equipment Project - Tan Canvas Rolltop Backpack

The perfect backpack doesn’t exi- I FOUND THE ONE!

This is a piece that will last forever - I’ve been using it for trips to the beach and packing up for a day's work and it is just a dream. The inner lining is the most beautiful dark blue silk and it somehow works with my entire wardrobe. Ashleigh is making these on the coast in Cornwall and the attention to detail and quality is incredible. I’m looking forward to packing a picnic and swim gear for a little trip to Bantry I’m squeezing in soon.


2. KG Design Face Mask and Pouch 

Katya has created so many gorgeous products for us with these special fabrics she found when living in East Africa. These face masks have really brightened up this Coronavirus time when things are a bit uncertain, with something beautiful to keep us safe. And a pouch to match! What more could you want.


3. Emma Larkin Lobster Earrings

Emma’s earrings could brighten up anyone’s day but these lobsters are just super fun for a party or a Wednesday, with a cheeky little pearl as the icing on top. How iconic is Emma, having just been featured in British Vogue AND Harper's Bazaar, no big deal.


4. Kevin Print - Claudine O’ Sullivan

This print of Kevin the Fox sits on the wall of my kitchen and oversees all the comings and goings in our busy little Dublin house. I’m eying up Frank the Badger to keep him company. I could see this collection of prints in so many different homes with lots of interior styles, tag us if you’ve found a spot for him in your home!


5. Cloud Picker Henry Blend Coffee 

I’ve been on a real home-brewing journey throughout lockdown and this blend from Cloud Picker has been my go to. I’ve been learning to slow down and take in the moment so the ritual of grinding the beans, frothing the milk and letting the coffee brew have been precious moments of quiet and reflection in my morning. I’ve been brewing in a french press but I can’t wait to try out the Chemex brewer we’ve just gotten in from my neighbours in the Cloud Picker roastery.